The Light, and The Heavy, of Three Decades Around The Sun: A Poem?

Life is delicate, live it fully

Get to know God well enough to question and get angry with Him, all the while never losing sight of His perfect, unending love for you.

Build a love with your soulmate, so strong, that you will dig your heals unmovably deep, to maintain the patience and tenacity necessary to endure life’s unimaginable, and most certainly, unforeseen punches, together.

Buy yourself that silly hat, if it makes you smile.

Forgive often, even if it feels maddening and seems wrong, it is not.

Don’t guard your heart too much, blessings can be found in the oddest of places, even in the forever painful ones.

Watch a kid’s movie, especially one recommended by a child; it’s good for the soul.

Learn to understand when someone’s intentions are good, even when you don’t see them that way. It will take a lot of undue weight off of your shoulders.

Love those around you without condition, and enjoy them for who they are. They might surprise you with the light they bring into your life on the darkest of days. You may never know how much you mean to them.

Run through the sprinkler with your nephews on a hot day, you will undoubtedly giggle.

Go for a jog. Seek the help of a therapist. Try out acupuncture. Take care of yourself. It will be well worth it.

Don’t let losing someone overshadow the time, deep love and, even if few, beautiful memories you will forever have of them.

Pray hard and pray often. Be steadfast in your faith. It WILL move mountains.

Seek joy in every day.

Stop; look up the sky, breath in the fresh air. Just take a few seconds to let the beauty, simplicities and complexities of this life, wrap its arms around you.

Do something to brighten someone else’s day, even if it is just a smile in passing.

Life is delicate, live it fully.


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